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Who We Are:

I am Adam Hill, founder of The Metal Search. The Metal Search is a name of a team, offering innovative solutions in the metal detector industry. If metal treasure hunting is your hobby, we are your ideal destination.

We are an optimistic and adventurous organization that works on giving you the tips, tricks, and best advice that you need when it comes to choosing a metal detector. This is done very carefully, and with our consulting team, we ensure that you do not have a hard time at our organization or any other place that you get your supplies from.

What We Do:

We offer expert advice on the right metal detector for your needs and how to use it. We have prepared content for you on tips and advice on selecting and using metal detectors. A section of metal detector reviews is provided for you to compare and make a choice on what fits your needs best. Get your adventure metal hunting groove on!

We help you get the best metal detectors that perform multiple functions giving 100% accuracy on the results. Get linked with us today and get the best merchandises to detect gold, minerals, metals, and groundwater and geophysical systems that are modernized and up to date.

We are entitled to giving you a guide so that when you get to that store, you have all the necessary information, and you will not be lured into buying what you did not intend or have no knowledge about a this could be the beginning of your problems with metal detectors.

Our Mission:

  • To be the best providers of metal detectors, both regionally and internationally, giving a world-class quality of services to every user.
  • To be an outstanding company in the midst of a competitive environment, creating friendly and innovative metal detector tips and tricks worth investing in.

How We Do It:

We work hand in hand with amazon affiliate disclosure to provide you with metal detector reviews by outlining all the important features in every metal detector and making you aware of the best metal detectors in the markets.

We give the best tips, tricks, and advice when choosing a metal detector whether you want to obtain it online through Amazon app or you want to get it from your local supplier. Some of the guidelines we provide include;

  • Helping you first to find out which types of metal targets can be found in your area: For example, if you are in an area where gold or minerals have been discovered in the past or are mined, a coin, jewellery, or gold hunting metal detector would be the best.
  • Getting you to learn metal detecting basics: In this modern world, there is a lot of information available on everything on the internet. We write to inform you about being able to choose a good metal detector on your own and equip you with the necessary information. It is also in our ultimate pleasure to assist you in learning how the detectors work, for an easy time when using one. It is also important to know the best brands for each category of metal detectors so that you have an easy time when purchasing one.
  • We guide you into getting into a metal detector club: This expands your knowledge in metal detectors. You will also find out more about metal detecting in your area.
  • With our dedication, you can study and understand theclimate and land composition of the area: The three main categories of metal detectors are; land-based, underwater, and gold prospecting, which you need to know before purchasing any metal detectors.

Our amazing work of keeping you well informed on metal detectors makes us competitive in this field and leads us to outdo our competitors. We work with experienced workers and highly intelligent people who have been in the metal detection industry for decades.


Adam Hill

I am a metal detector analyst, and I have worked in this field for several years, which gives me the experience and expertise to be more creative and innovative as well. I followed this as a hobby that I had a passion for, and before I knew it, I was already too attached and enthusiastic to find out more about metal search, what it entailed, their uses, and how this could help in today’s world. This has given me self-employment and also created opportunities for me to meet with other experts in my field of work.

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