5 Best Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting

Sand Scoops for Metal Detecting
Buying Guide
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A sand scoop is a crucial tool for a metal detectorist, especially when hunting on the beach. It allows for quick and efficient digging and sifting of sand to locate the target. There are various types of sand scoops available in the market, made from different materials, with various sizes and shapes.

This article will introduce some of the best quality sand scoops for metal detecting and what to consider when choosing one.


National Geographic Sand Sifter Scoop is a high-quality sand scoop designed for metal detecting enthusiasts. This scoop is made from durable and lightweight aluminum material, making it easy to handle and carry around.

The sand sifter design allows for quick and efficient searching, as well as the ability to easily remove any unwanted debris from the sand.

The sand sifter scoop is designed to work well in both wet and dry sand, making it a versatile accessory for metal detecting on the beach.

The handle of the scoop is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and the mesh basket is made from heavy-duty wire mesh, ensuring that it can withstand the elements and last for many seasons of metal detecting.

The National Geographic Sand Sifter Scoop is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it convenient for travel and storage.

 It is also an affordable option for those looking to start metal detecting or for those who want to upgrade their current equipment.

Overall, the National Geographic Sand Sifter Scoop is an excellent choice for metal detecting enthusiasts, offering a high-quality, durable and efficient accessory for searching for treasures on the beach.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned metal detectorist, this sand scoop will be a valuable addition to your gear.

CKG Sand Scoop

The CKG Sand Scoop is a highly rated accessory for metal detecting enthusiasts. It is made from durable, lightweight aluminum and features a compact design that makes it easy to handle and maneuver.

The scoop features a smooth, rounded edge that allows for easy penetration into sand, making it ideal for beach and shoreline detecting. The CKG Sand Scoop also comes with a lanyard for easy carrying, ensuring that it's always within reach when you need it.

One of the key advantages of the CKG Sand Scoop is its high-quality construction. The aluminum material is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in both fresh and saltwater environments.

The scoop's compact design means that it won't get in the way during your metal detecting sessions, and it's also easy to store in your bag or pouch.

In terms of performance, the CKG Sand Scoop is a top-performing accessory. Its smooth, rounded edge allows you to easily sift through sand and dirt, while the compact design makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Whether you're searching for buried treasure on the beach or in the water, the CKG Sand Scoop is an essential accessory that will help you to find your target quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the CKG Sand Scoop is a top-quality accessory for metal detecting enthusiasts. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enhance their metal detecting experience.

So, if you're looking for an accessory that will help you to find your treasure more quickly and efficiently, be sure to consider the CKG Sand Scoop.

INCLY Sand Scoop & Shovel

The INCLY Sand Scoop & Shovel is a versatile and durable tool that is perfect for metal detecting enthusiasts. This sand scoop is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular use.

The scoop features a long handle that provides comfortable grip and makes it easy to use even in deep water. The deep basket design of the scoop ensures that you can dig deeper and recover larger targets, making it an ideal tool for beachcombing and metal detecting.

Furthermore, the INCLY Sand Scoop & Shovel comes with a matching shovel that can be used for digging holes and creating test pits, making it a convenient and useful accessory for any treasure hunter.

Whether you're an experienced metal detectorist or just starting out, the INCLY Sand Scoop & Shovel is an essential tool for your detecting adventures.

Garrett Metal Sand Scoop

The Garrett Metal Sand Scoop is a versatile and reliable tool for metal detecting enthusiasts. It is designed to help you quickly and efficiently dig through sand and other types of soil in search of treasure.

Made from high-quality materials, this sand scoop is durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for anyone who loves metal detecting.

One of the key features of the Garrett Metal Sand Scoop is its lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry and maneuver while you're out in the field.

The scoop also features a wide and shallow basket, which helps you to quickly sort through soil and sand, discarding anything that's not worth keeping.

In addition to its practical design, the Garrett Metal Sand Scoop is also aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek and modern look that is sure to impress.

Whether you're an experienced treasure hunter or just a newbie, this sand scoop is a must-have accessory for any metal detector. So why wait? Invest in one today and start finding treasure like never before!

Dune Long Handle Sand Scoop

The Dune Scoops Galvanized Metal Long Handle Sand Scoop is a versatile and durable metal detecting accessory designed for use on the beach. It features a large, open basket with a deep, pointed tip for easy digging and sifting.

The long handle provides a comfortable grip, even when digging in deeper sand or water, and the galvanized metal construction ensures the scoop can withstand the harsh marine environment.

The metal material also helps prevent the buildup of rust and corrosion, making this sand scoop an ideal choice for long-term use.

Moreover, the large basket is perfect for sifting and sieving through sand, allowing for quick and efficient target recovery. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced metal detectorist, this sand scoop will be a valuable addition to your metal detecting gear.

Sand Scoops Buying Guide

When it comes to metal detecting, having the right tools can make all the difference in finding valuable treasures. A sand scoop is an essential accessory for any treasure hunter, as it is used to dig through sand or dirt to retrieve objects.

Here are some key factors to consider when buying a sand scoop for metal detecting:


Sand scoops are usually made from either plastic or metal, with metal being the preferred choice for durability and longevity. Some metal sand scoops are galvanized, which helps protect against rust and corrosion.


Sand scoops come in different sizes, so choose one that is appropriate for your needs. Larger scoops can be more effective for digging through denser materials, but may also be more difficult to maneuver.


Sand scoops come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and flat. Consider your detecting location and what will work best for you.


Look for a sand scoop with a comfortable handle that provides a good grip, even when wet. Some handles are adjustable, allowing you to customize the length to your preferences.

Mesh Size

The mesh size of the sand scoop will determine how well it will be able to sift through materials to retrieve objects. Smaller mesh sizes are ideal for sifting through fine sand or dirt, while larger mesh sizes are better for more course materials.

By considering these factors when choosing a sand scoop, you can ensure that you have the right tool for your metal detecting adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about sand scoops for metal detecting:

Q: What is a sand scoop?

A: A sand scoop is a tool used by metal detector enthusiasts to recover targets from sand, soil, or other loose materials. It is typically made of metal, such as aluminum or stainless steel, and has a basket-like design that allows the user to scoop up and sift through material to find metal objects.

Q: What are the different types of sand scoops available?

A: There are various types of sand scoops available, including those with different basket shapes, handles, and materials. Some of the most common types include long-handled scoops, short-handled scoops, and scoops with interchangeable baskets.

Q: What are the benefits of using a sand scoop?

A: A sand scoop can make metal detecting more efficient and effective by allowing the user to quickly and easily search through large areas of sand, soil, or other loose materials. This can help to find targets that might be missed using other techniques, and can help to reduce the amount of digging required.

Q: What should I look for when buying a sand scoop?

A: When buying a sand scoop, consider the following factors: material, handle length, basket size and shape, weight, and overall quality. You should also consider your own needs, such as the types of detecting you do and the types of material you typically search in.

Q: How do I clean my sand scoop?

A: To clean your sand scoop, simply rinse it with water, dry it thoroughly, and store it in a safe place. If your scoop is especially dirty, you can also use soap and water to clean it. It is important to keep your sand scoop clean and dry to prevent rust and other types of corrosion.


Having the right sand scoop for metal detecting can make all the difference in your treasure hunting experience. When selecting a sand scoop, it's important to consider factors such as material, size, and handle length to find the one that will best meet your needs.

The above-mentioned sand scoops are some of the best on the market and provide a range of options for all levels of treasure hunters. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, choosing the right sand scoop will make your metal detecting adventures much more efficient and enjoyable.

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