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We’ve taken the time to research all of the best metal detectors out there and have found one that may be of interest to you. If you’re looking to improve your treasure hunting, then it’s recommended to invest in a metal detector that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Upgraded metal detectors include a whole host of features that help you distinguish rubble from rare finds, which saves you time. We will be introducing to you the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector and give a comprehensive breakdown on what we think of the device.

Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector

The Quick Draw Pro is designed to provide enhanced depth, speed, and accurate readings that help you get a better idea of where the objects are. The sensors are highly enhanced, making it easier to distinguish objects from one another.

Plus, there’ve been some changes to the interface to make it easier to use. Some upgrades include a touchpad, adjustments, multiple indicators, and waterproof search coils.

Who Is This Product For?

Thanks to the upgrades, there is no learning curve. Thus, anyone can enjoy using the Quick Draw Pro. Besides that, the device also features waterproof coils, which can help if you’re hunting near lakes, beaches, or in the forest.

What’s Included?

The package contains the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector which comes in the dimensions of 45 x 8 x 14 inches. The weight of the device is approximately 2.8 pounds, which is manageable enough to hold and carry.

Overview of Features

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector offers:

  • FeTone Adjustable Audio

The adjustable audio provides you with unique information about the type of objects you’re collecting. Depending on where it falls on the 0-99 Target-ID scale, there will be a different noise. This gives you in-depth control over knowing what type of item you’re sensing before having to dig.

  • Pinpoint Mode

As for the pinpoint mode, it can help assist with locating the buried object. It can be difficult with other systems because it does not give you an exact location. Instead, you’re left wandering around back and forth, trying to pinpoint the exact location.

By using the Pinpoint mode, you can easily find the location. This mode provides you with three tones when you’re hovering over the object.

  • 0-99 Target-ID

If you don’t want to waste your time, it’s helpful to use a 0-99 detector. The detector works by sensing the type of metal and giving you an accurate reading on a one-to-99 scale. This reading helps indicate what kind of object is located under the ground.

When reading, a target object will give a specific number and falls within nine different ranges. This number translates into one particular type of metal if it falls within a specific range.

With practice, you can quickly identify between foil, rubbish, and gold. This feature is handy for those planning to find more than just scrap metals or small objects.

  • Graphic Target Depth Indication

Another useful feature is the ability to tell the depth of the object. Traditional or first generation metal detectors didn’t do an excellent job of giving you an approximate depth. This could leave you digging for hours without any results.

On the other hand, the depth indicator has been finely tuned to give you an accurate reading of where the object may lay. This leaves little guesswork and allows you to choose if you want to dig or not.

  • Three-Tone Audio ID

The three-toned audio ID helps indicate the location and whereabouts of the item. Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish one type of signal when detecting an object. However, using the three-tone system, you can be notified through audio, vibrations, and visual indications.

  • Overall Design

One of the last aspects that make this one of the better choices on the market is the fact that it comes with multiple features that make it easier to control. The padded armrest provides support and cushioning, making it comfortable to use for long periods.

On top of that, the ground stand can be used to hang it up or place on the ground without getting it dirty. There’s also adjustable levels of height and length, making it perfect for any body size. Lastly, the searching coils have been coated with a waterproof material, so it can be submerged up to 10 inches.

How to Use

Using the Quick Draw Pro is pretty simple as long as you already have some basic knowledge of using a metal detector. First, make all the adjustments needed, such as the height, object ID, and detection range. From here, you can begin using the device.

Move the metal detector left and right and wait for a sound indication. If you do not hear anything, keep walking and waving the device.

Once you hear a noise, continue until the machine makes a loud detection noise. This indicates that you’re standing over the object.

After that, you can read the 0-99 Target ID detector and see what type of object is being detected. From there, look on the display screen and check the depth reader. If the object is what you’re looking for and is in within an appropriate range, you can start digging.


An alternative to the device is the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro. It features many of the same aspects the Quick Draw Pro has, except with a few added extras. One of which is the V-Break, which provides you variable tone breakpoints.

Another is the Ground Grab, which helps computerized ground balancing. Other upgrades include Four-tone Audio ID, Seven Pre-set Modes, and Variable Notching. Other than that, it includes Pinpoint mode, 0-99 Target ID, and a waterproof search coil.


When it comes to finding jewelry, relics, or other treasures, a metal detector can help assist you with finding objects. Each of the ones we’ve listed is excellent choices for beginners to experts, as both make it easier to distinguish what type of object is being detected.

If you’re looking to up your game, we’d suggest trying the Quick Draw Pro due to its ease of use and various indication features.


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