Canway GC-1028 Metal Detector Review

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  • Great value
  • Suited for many ages
  • Effective discrimination mode


  • Not suited for small kids
  • Intermediate and advanced level hunters might not appreciate it


The Conway GC-1028 is a great choice for teens and adults who are beginners to the field, but those with more experience are likely to find it to be lacking, and can't be used as their main detector.

Whether you like to go out hunting for treasure on your own or you prefer to gather the family up before you all head out together, the Canway GC-1028 Metal Detector is one that should catch your eyes. This model offers a lot of great benefits regardless of which situation you are in at the moment. Today, we’ll take a closer look as we do a full review of this Canway detector’s features.

Canway has a few different metal detectors on the market, but they are not a profoundly familiar name in the tech or exploratory field. Still, their commitment to providing a quality product has gained them a small following. Their continued excellence has solidified their presence in the detecting world.

The GC-1028, specifically, has become known as a metal detector that is great for both adults and kids. It’s hard to find a model that has the right specs to fit both of these categories, so we are excited to explore whether or not this model truly stands up to that common recommendation.

Additionally, the GC-1028 is touted as a beginner’s metal detector. Some of the features lead us to believe it might be a good budget option for those with more experience as well.

Our review will contain details of each feature as well as our impression of whether or not this is a good choice for users outside of the beginner category.

Let’s get into today’s review of this basic but interesting detector model from Conway.


Canway advertises this GC-1028 model as a metal detector that is perfect for both kids and adults, so we’re going to start by exploring why that is a key feature of this device. Most of the time, metal detectors made for kids or adults are not the right size for the other party.

This model has an adjustable length between 41” and 47”. In our experience, that means the GC-1028 will work for teens, young adults, and adults, but might not be the best choice for smaller kids.

Of course, that will depend on the height, strength, and general agility of your children. It is a relatively lightweight detector, so that is a positive for kid usage.

This model is equipped with multiple detection modes. The two main modes are the all-metal mode and the DISC/NOTCH mode.

The all-metal mode does exactly what its name sounds like: it detects all metals. DISC/NOTCH mode, also known as discriminating mode, changes the sensitivity and notch levels to try to filter out common junk metal from interfering with your search for real treasure.

GC-1028 by Canway has one more essential mode that is worth mentioning. This particular device offers P/P, which is a type of pinpointing technology.

Metal detectors that have pinpointing tech make it easier to get an exact location on where something is buried. You can use the P/P button to see the depth of the target very accurately on the display screen.

Ground balance is important when metal detecting. When you first enter an area with an advanced detector, you would want to do what is known as ground balancing. This is when you give the machine a chance to identify the composition of the ground when there is nothing in it; thus, giving you a more accurate baseline.

This budget model only has automatic balancing which is not known to be as accurate as manual balancing, but it is convenient for it to be automatic. While you cannot manually do the ground balancing, you can manually make adjustments to the mode, sensitivity, length, and even how the sound comes out. This detector has an audio jack so you can wear headphones to make it easier to actually hear what the device is telling you about the ground that you are searching for.

One really unique feature about the LCD on this device is that it is backlit. Even when the sun is very bright, or it is starting to get dark outside, you can turn on the backlight so that you can still see the data that the device is collecting. This is essential for those who love to search from dawn to dusk and is a feature that is not very common in low-range models.

Finally, this model does come with two bonus accessories. You will get a bag that can be used for carrying the metal detector. You will also receive a small trowel that you can use to gently dig up your findings once you have pinpointed their location.


  • Great value for the features
  • Good for many age groups
  • Includes an effective discrimination mode
  • User-friendly menu screens
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • Includes bonus accessories


The biggest drawback of this model is that it will be somewhat limiting to everyone who is not an absolute beginner. While it is a great device to learn with or to keep on hand as a backup device, it is not something that will help intermediate or advanced users continue to hone their skills. Even older kids who use this may quickly wish for more advanced features.


All-in-all, we have to agree with the many recommendations that we have seen for this model to be an excellent fit for kids, but only if those kids are either tall for their age or teenagers! While some kids can probably manage to use this model with ease, it’s a better choice for teens, young adults, and adults to use together. Still, you can make it work with younger kids.

Overall, the Canway GC-1028 strikes us as a beginner’s budget metal detector. While it could be used by those with more experience that need a backup device for certain situations, it’s likely that intermediate and advanced level hunters will find the features lacking.

If you are a beginner and looking for an affordable starter option, we highly recommend this machine as a great choice for your introduction to metal detecting and all that it has to offer.

2 responses to “Canway GC-1028 Metal Detector Review

  1. Aaron says:

    I spent a great deal of time to find something similar to this

  2. Denni Stewart says:

    This is my first metal detector. I’ve hit it pretty hard this summer, and love it! I’ve found a bunch of clad coins, a 10k gold wedding band, a ring with a small diamond in the set, square head nails, Matchbox cars, car keys, and interesting stuff on my property, in parks and fairgrounds… and dug up a lot of junk too…. but that’s the evil of metal detecting. I love all the features of this detector. As a beginner, this one is great, and for the price you can’t go wrong!

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