Can Metal Detectors Detect Aluminum?

metal detector, shovel, and hand with old coins

Since you’ve reached this page, it is highly likely that you’re wondering about what types of metals a metal detector can actually detect. Typically, you would think that a metal detector could sense any metal, hence the name “metal” detector. However, these devices can only detect a few on the periodic table. So, can metal […]

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How to Build a Metal Detector

guy in camouflage walking with metal detector and shovel

Metal detecting is a fun activity that gets people out into the great outdoors, as well as providing a thrilling experience while prospecting for the next bit of trash or treasure. Pretty much all prospecting metal detectors work using a similar technique of manipulating electromagnetism, which was first discovered By Professor Maxwell in the 1800s. […]

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How Does a Metal Detector Work?

coil of metal detector on the ground

Metal detecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby for all the family. Millions of people around the world have uncovered valuable relics as well as useless bottle tops using a metal detector. The same technology used by the hobby detector is also at work in our armed forces and security services around the world […]

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What Is a Good Metal Detector: The Essential Facts

using metal detector and shovel at the beach

While there are great budget options on the market, not every metal detector will be as good as another at finding certain types of rare treasures.

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How to Use a Metal Detector: A Step-by-Step Guide

guy with gloves using metal detector

Our guide today will walk you through the best way to use a metal detector. With some practice, you’ll be successful in no time!

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Can Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

guy with metal detector showing coin on his palm

Can metal detectors detect gold? If you’re hoping to strike it rich by finding real gold, you might want to read our in-depth guide today.

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