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Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector
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The Garrett at Gold Metal Detector is a waterproof and versatile device that is designed for serious treasure hunters. It is equipped with advanced features, including multiple frequency options and a high-resolution LCD display, that allow users to search for coins, relics, jewelry, and other valuable items in a variety of environments.

Whether you are an experienced metal detectorist or a beginner, the Garrett at Gold is a reliable and effective tool that can help you find treasures both on land and in the water.

In this guide, we will provide an overview of the features, benefits, and limitations of this metal detector and provide some tips on how to use it to maximize your chances of success.

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

Who Is This Product For?

The Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector is designed for treasure hunters and metal detecting enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and high-performance detector that can be used in various environments, including underwater.

This device is suitable for both beginners and experienced users, and is ideal for finding gold, silver, coins, relics, and other valuable metal items.

With its advanced features and waterproof design, the Garrett at Gold is a versatile and versatile detector that can be used in a variety of settings, from land to underwater.

What‘s Included?

The Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector package includes the following items:

  1. Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector
  2. Garrett MS-2 Headphones
  3. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer
  4. 9V Battery
  5. Instruction manual and DVD
  6. Search coil cover

Note: The exact contents of the package may vary slightly depending on the retailer and country.

Overview of the Features

The Garrett AT Gold metal detector features a high-resolution, Iron Discrimination with adjustable settings, a Ground Balance control to adapt to different soil types, and a Waterproof design that allows you to search in shallow water and on the beach. It also has unique features these include:

Advanced Ground Balance

Advanced ground balancing is a feature found in many high-end metal detectors that helps to filter out unwanted signals from minerals in the ground. This allows the metal detector to focus on detecting metals and ignore signals that are not caused by valuable metal objects.

This is particularly important in areas with highly mineralized soil, which can interfere with metal detector signals and produce false signals. Advanced ground balancing helps to minimize false signals, resulting in more accurate and efficient metal detecting.

All-Metal Auto-Tune Mode

The All-Metal Auto-Tune mode allows the metal detector to detect all types of metal without discrimination, making it ideal for searching in areas where you are not sure what type of targets may be present.

In this mode, the device will automatically adjust its ground balance and other settings to optimize its performance, providing the user with a continuous audio signal when metal is detected. This makes it easier to detect small, shallow targets that might be missed in other modes.

Continuous Coin Depth Indicator

The Continuous Coin Depth Indicator is a feature on the Garrett at Gold metal detector that displays the approximate depth of a target in real-time. This allows the user to quickly determine if a target is shallow or deep, helping to prioritize the search and improve overall efficiency.

The indicator provides a continuous reading, allowing the user to see the depth change as they move the detector over the target. This feature is particularly useful for coin shooting and relic hunting, as it helps the user to quickly identify the most promising targets.

Electronic Pinpointing

Electronic Pinpointing is a feature found in some metal detectors that allows the user to precisely locate the position of a target within the ground. By using a combination of audio signals and display readings, electronic pinpointing helps to speed up the digging process and increase the accuracy of the search.

With this feature, users can quickly zero in on a target and minimize the amount of excess digging and soil disturbance. This feature can be particularly useful for coin shooters and relic hunters, as it saves time and effort while increasing the chances of recovering valuable finds.

High-Res Iron Discrimination

High-Res Iron Discrimination refers to the ability of a metal detector to differentiate between valuable metal targets and iron or other junk items.

A high-resolution iron discrimination system provides more precise and accurate results, allowing the user to effectively identify and eliminate unwanted objects from the search area.

This feature is important for treasure hunters who want to avoid digging up junk items and focus on finding valuable targets.

The Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector is equipped with a high-res iron discrimination system that helps the user to distinguish between different types of metal and quickly locate the desired target.

Iron Audio Feature

The Iron Audio feature allows the user to hear discriminated iron targets in a distinct tone, allowing for easier identification of iron trash targets vs. valuable targets.

This feature helps the user to quickly determine if a target is worth digging or not, saving time and increasing efficiency.The tone for iron targets can be adjusted to the user's preference, allowing for a customized experience.

Multi-Frequency Technology

Multi-Frequency Technology allows the detector to operate on multiple frequencies simultaneously. This provides greater sensitivity and the ability to locate targets at deeper depths compared to single frequency detectors.

It also enables the user to select the best frequency for the type of metal they are searching for, improving discrimination and target identification.

Volume-Adjustable Audio

The Volume-Adjustable Audio feature allows the user to adjust the volume of the audio output from the metal detector. This feature provides the user with greater control over the device and allows them to customize the volume to their individual preferences.

This is especially useful in different environments, such as noisy areas, where the user may need to adjust the volume accordingly. By having control over the volume, the user can better hear the audio signals indicating the presence of metal objects, making their detecting experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Waterproof Design

The Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector has a waterproof design, which allows it to be used in and around water without damage to the unit. This makes it ideal for searching for treasure in and along the edge of bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans.

The device is also submersible to a certain depth, allowing you to search for treasure in deeper water. This feature is particularly useful for divers and beachcombers, who can expand their search areas beyond the shoreline.

5 Search Modes

Park, Field, Beach, Discrimination, and Electronic Pinpointing

How to Use It?

To use the Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector, first assemble the device and make sure all components are securely in place. Then, select the appropriate search mode based on the type of area you will be searching (i.e. park, beach, etc.).

Next, adjust the sensitivity and ground balance to ensure optimal performance in your search area. Turn the device on and start searching. Use the electronic pinpointing feature to pinpoint your targets and the continuous coin depth indicator to determine how deep your target is.

The high-res iron discrimination and iron audio feature will help you distinguish between valuable targets and junk items. Finally, always follow local metal detecting laws and regulations and make sure to obtain permission to search on private property.

Metal Detectors Buying Guide

A metal detector buying guide can help individuals select the best metal detector for their specific needs and preferences. The following factors should be considered when choosing a metal detector:


The type of metal detector you need will depend on what you plan to use it for. Some metal detectors are designed for general purpose use, while others are more specialized for specific activities like gold prospecting or beach hunting.

Detection Type

The two main types of metal detectors are VLF (Very Low Frequency) and PI (Pulse Induction). VLF detectors are best for detecting coins, jewelry and other smaller items, while PI detectors are better for detecting large metal objects and are more suitable for deep-water hunting.

Ground Conditions

Different metal detectors are designed to handle different types of ground conditions. Consider the soil type and mineralization in your area when choosing a metal detector.


The ability to discriminate between valuable targets and junk metal is important. Some metal detectors are more advanced in this area than others, allowing you to filter out unwanted items and focus on finding valuable treasures.


Metal detectors can range in price from less than $100 to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget when choosing a metal detector, and remember that you get what you pay for.


Consider the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer when choosing a metal detector. This can provide peace of mind and ensure that you receive assistance if you encounter any problems with your device.


Choose a metal detector that is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Some metal detectors have advanced features that may be overwhelming for a beginner, while others are more straightforward and simple to use.

By considering these factors, you can find the best metal detector for your needs and budget, and ensure that you are equipped with the right tools to start your treasure hunting adventures.


There are several alternatives to the Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector, including:

Minelab Equinox 600: This device offers multi-frequency detection and can be used in both land and water environments.

Fisher F22: This metal detector is equipped with advanced features, including digital target ID and a weatherproof design.

Teknetics T2 Classic: This detector is known for its ease of use and its ability to accurately locate targets at depth.

White's MX Sport: This high-performance detector is designed for serious treasure hunters and offers a range of advanced features, including multiple search modes and wireless audio.

When choosing an alternative to the Garrett AT Gold, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements, including the type of detecting you plan to do, the environment in which you will be using the device, and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQs

What is the warranty for the Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector?

The Garrett AT Gold Waterproof Metal Detector comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Can the Garrett AT Gold be used in salt water?

Yes, the Garrett AT Gold is waterproof and can be used in salt water.

Is the Garrett AT Gold metal detector suitable for beginners?

The Garrett AT Gold is a versatile metal detector that is suitable for both beginner and experienced users. Its user-friendly interface and various search modes make it a great choice for those just starting out in metal detecting.

How deep can the Garrett AT Gold detect objects?

The depth at which the Garrett AT Gold can detect objects depends on several factors such as the size of the object, the type of soil, and the conductivity of the target. However, the device is capable of detecting objects up to 10 inches deep in ideal conditions.

Can the Garrett AT Gold be used to detect gold nuggets?

Yes, the Garrett AT Gold is designed to detect gold nuggets and other metal targets.

How much does the Garrett AT Gold metal detector weigh?

The Garrett AT Gold metal detector weighs 2.8 pounds.

Can the Garrett AT Gold metal detector be used with headphones?

Yes, the Garrett AT Gold metal detector is equipped with a headphone jack and can be used with headphones.


The Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector is a top-performing device that is perfect for both beginners and experienced metal detector enthusiasts. With its advanced features, such as multi-frequency technology, waterproof design, and electronic pinpointing, this device offers versatility and ease of use in a variety of search environments.

If you are in the market for a metal detector, this device is definitely worth considering, especially if you are looking for a quality product that will help you find treasures and valuable items with ease.

Before making a purchase, be sure to research and compare different metal detectors to determine which one is best for your needs, taking into account factors such as budget, target types, and search environments.

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