Kuman KW30 Metal Detector Review

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When it comes to finding jewelry, coins, and other hidden treasures, it’s best to rely on a good-quality metal detector. They are nifty devices that can be used to search and find a multitude of different objects buried beneath the surface.

Unfortunately, finding a good-enough metal detector that’s suitable for on-the-go hunting can be frustrating, as most models are bulky and heavy. To help you with your search, we highly suggest you check out the Kuman KW30.

This device is a small yet portable metal detector that is of high quality and has features that exceed most other full-sized metal detectors. Check out our review below to see if this is the right choice for you.

Kuman KW30 Metal Detector

The Kuman KW30 is a lightweight metal detector that fits conveniently in your pocket. It is encased in a waterproof exterior, which enables you to use it in wet climates and environments.

The small design of this metal detector makes it easy to carry around. It features a holster that allows you to attach the device to your belt for even more convenience. Overall, it is an excellent purchase for finding treasures close to the surface.


Who Is This Product For?

This metal detector boasts a lightweight design. This means that it can easily be enjoyed by the whole family—from kids to adults alike. In fact, anyone who has that particular itch to search for lost items when they’re out and about would definitely fall in love with this device.

Moreover, this device’s compact design allows you to whip it out at a moment’s notice. In addition to that, it also makes this device comfortable to hold even for extended periods.

What’s Included?

The package includes the Kuman KW30 Metal Detector, which is measured in at nine by 2.5 by two inches and weighs approximately 3.2 ounces. As added bonuses, you will also be provided with a hip holster and a pinpointer. A retractable hanging wire and a user manual are also included in the purchase.


Overview of the Features

Here’s an overview of the Kuman KW30 Metal Detector:

  • Medium Detection Distance

A decent detection range will guarantee that you find whatever lurks just below the surface. With the KW30, you will be able to trace any metals within a range of zero to five centimeters. While this may not be the broadest range, it is decent for small detectors.

  • Partial Waterproof Exterior

One of the critical features for any metal detector is that it needs to be waterproof and be able to resist a splash or a quick dunk in the water. The IP level of the device is 64, which enables you to partially submerged the equipment. You’ll be able to submerge the detector below the lights and switches, but the rest is not waterproof.

  • High Sensitivity

With a high sensitivity sensor, you’ll be able to pinpoint where objects are accurately using three sensitivity levels. You can use it indoors, outdoors, and to sense non-magnetic items.

The KW30 can sense stainless steels 302, 304, and 316, which are usually not detectable through a metal detector. The sensor also detects up to 360 degrees, making it easier to locate objects nearby.

  • Audio and Vibration Alert System

When an item or object is detected, you will be notified via a LED light, audio beep, and vibrations. Having three different indicators can help prevent you from missing a signal. The audio and vibrations both get more intense and frequent as you get closer to finding metals.

  • One-Touch Operation

If you’re running into issues detecting a specific object, you can always use the quick button. It is designed to narrow down the detection range and only sense larger objects in the area. This can be helpful if you’re detecting multiple objects and are unsure of where to dig.

  • Flashlight

The LED light indicator on this device can double as a flashlight, which is always a good addition regardless if you’re hunting in the morning or at night.

How to Use This Device

When it comes to using the Kuman KW30, it is merely a matter of when and where. Since there are not many controls, all you will need to do is power the device on and watch it do its magic.

If there’s metal nearby, the three-step detection will alert you immediately. Once the alert goes off, it’s a matter of finding the right location. You can use the quick button to help sort smaller objects from bigger pieces that will be worth the dig.

As you get closer to the item, the three-step alert system will become more intense, and you’ll know when you’re right over the treasure.



While the Kuman KW30 may be an excellent choice for some, it may not be able to function well in your surrounding environment. An alternative that is fully submersible and is ideal for wet or humid locations might be what you’re looking for. For that, you can give the Monsunece Metal Detector a try.

This metal detector features multiple upgrades from the Kuman KW30 and comes with a whole host of tools to help find hidden treasures. The device boasts high sensitivity and features 360-degree detection. This helps to quickly and accurately locate items and objects in the nearby area.

This newly designed Monsunece comes with upgraded IP65 waterproof coating, which enables you to submerge the device up to 10 feet underwater. Plus, the company has tested this and found that the device can last up to 48 hours even when fully submerged.

Besides that, there are also three modes that you can switch between, which are vibration mode, audio mode, and both. Also, you can switch between three sensitivity levels to help gauge and adjust to finding nearby objects.

Lastly, the one-touch operation helps switching between power-saving mode and full power mode easier. All of these qualities are what make this device a step up from the Kuman KW30.


Metal detecting is an exciting hobby that enables you to find rare metals and lost antiques. If you’re genuinely a fanatic, you’ll likely enjoy the features that the Kuman KW 30 offers.

This metal-detecting device is sturdy, comes with multiple settings, and enables you to transport it via a belt clip easily. So, if you’re looking to have a good time with a high-quality sensor, you’ll likely enjoy the thrill that comes with using the Kuman KW30.

We hope that this review has helped you locate at least one new metal detector and has also helped you decide on which to invest in. As you can see, the Kuman Kw30 is genuinely worth the investment.


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