RM RICOMAX High Accuracy Metal Detector Review

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  • Includes three search modes as well as a pinpoint mode
  • Super accurate depth and identification readings
  • LCD feature screen


  • LCD is hard to see in bright light
  • Plastic bolts may need to be replaced over time


The RM RICOMAX High Accuracy Metal Detector offers accurate findings, different metal identification, an LCD control screen, and other great features that make it a great value buy.

There are dozens of different starter metal detectors, and sorting through them can seem like an impossible task at times.

Where does the RM RICOMAX High Accuracy Metal Detector fall in line? We’ll get to that in today’s in-depth review of this unique entry-level metal detector.

RM RICOMAX is not a super common name that you will have heard of, but the company does provide a lifetime warranty. Offering such a great warranty in-and-of itself gives some credit to a little-known company that might otherwise scare of some users.

Rather than focusing on the young-and-growing company, focusing on the features of their High Accuracy Metal Detector is a better way to figure out if it is the right choice for you. What types of hunting is this detector best for?

How much accuracy does “high accuracy” provide? Without the detailed answers to these questions, it would be impossible to come to a verdict about this machine.

This large, 10” search coil metal detector has many of the features that usually seem to be only be found in high-end models including pinpoint location, a light screen, and detailed coin identification functionality. While these features don’t perform to the level of models in the higher end of the price range, they do a great job of getting beginners going!

Today’s review will cover these features and more that have helped the RICOMAX High Accuracy Detector become one of the most popular starter metal detectors that you can buy today.


Let’s get into the details of the RM RICOMAX High Accuracy Metal Detector. While the name of this product is relatively generic, there does not seem to be a more detailed model number available at this time. For that reason, it is hard to say whether or not the model has been upgraded over time by RICOMAX.

Taking into consideration the modernity of some of their features at a still-affordable price, though, leads us to believe that this model has been recently redeveloped to keep pace with other competitors. You’ll be getting great new technology with this machine.

One of the standout features on this model at its price point is the LCD control and display box. LCD screens are not always available in entry-level models, but they can be a huge help in improving your learning curve as you start hunting for treasures. The screen displays the following information while you are using the detector:

  • Detection mode
  • Sensitivity level
  • Battery life
  • Volume level
  • Metal type
  • Depth of target

Having this LCD screen is incredibly convenient. Additionally, it’s pretty accurate! For example, the arrow on the screen will point to whichever coin it is identifying if you have the detector over some buried coins. All of the coins read accurately when they are within the depth range.

The search coil on this model is a bit wider than many other entry-level models. It measures 10” while many others are closer to 8”. This gives you a wider search range, so you will be able to do fewer passes when you are looking for buried treasure.

The coil itself is also waterproof, so you can submerge it in the water if you want to. The control box and other electrical components, though, are not waterproof. If you decide to use this in the water, be sure to familiarize yourself what components are and are not waterproof before doing so.

While this model can be used straight out of the box, you’ll see better performance with it if you do some small testing with your own buried items. Grab some coins and tuck them a few inches underground.

Fiddle with the sensitivity and power settings so that the detector rapidly identifies the coins. Then, you’ll be ready to go!

The depth of target reading that is displayed on the screen is accurate to about 8” for coins and similarly sized objects, but the power and sensitivity can be adjusted to change the read depths if you want to focus on deeper or shallower areas while you are exploring with your detector.

Another huge benefit of this model at this price is the pinpoint detection feature that it offers. Once you’ve identified that something is in a specific area, you can press the red button on the control to more accurately identify its location and how deep it is. This type of pinpointing is beneficial in areas where trash or other debris may be interfering with your initial readings.

Finally, let’s mention the actual design of the metal detector. You will need to assemble it when you receive it in the mail; it is effortless to assemble.

This is a nice bonus because you can actually take this model apart, park it up, and take it on a trip with you very easily! When assembled, the model is both lightweight and adjustable, so you can find a comfortable and properly sized fit in just minutes.


  • Includes three search modes as well as a pinpoint mode
  • Easy to assemble
  • Accurate readings for bronze, iron, silver, gold, and more
  • Detailed guide book with bonus tips included
  • Light
  • Comfortable to carry, even for long periods
  • Affordable price
  • Great value


While the LCD screen is beneficial, it is tough to see bright daylight conditions which can be a hindrance when pinpointing. Additionally, this detector wears out batteries very quickly. This, though, is common in metal detectors in general due to how they work.


What is the best metal detector? Many share similar features, names, dimensions, and even parent companies! How do you identify the best model whenever there is so much similarity?

The fact of the matter is that there are many great metal detectors in the entry-level category, and the RM RICOMAX High Accuracy Metal Detector is definitely one of them. This model offers fantastic accuracy, a great warranty, and an easy-to-understand screen that will improve your metal detecting skills in no time.

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